Tunisian Film Festival in Hollywood

When: January 10 to 12 2012 starting 5:30pm.

Where: Barnsdall Gallery Theater: 4800 Hollywood Boulevard  Los Angeles, CA 90027

Free Tunisia joined efforts with the local Tunisian diaspora here in Los Angeles and across the United States to produce the first ever Tunisian Film Festival here in Hollywood California January 10 to 12 2012. This will be a unique opportunity to showcase Tunisian talent and perhaps introduce Tunisian culture to a majority of American citizens who only heard of Tunisia in the news. A variety of selected films to focus on young and upcoming talent representing trends and futures of Tunisian cinema. The festival will have also a sample of Tunisian musicians and will have some Art and photography works. we want to thank in advance all the volunteers that have made this possible and a special thank you to our team in Tunisia that have gone above and beyond to make this project a reality. for all the Tunisians that continue to support our efforts this event is for all of you, an opportunity to celebrate your homeland and help make it better.  for those who still want to help this effort please check here: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/2599733874